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Together with a friend or by yourself, you can breed two FooPets, raise the puppies or kittens, and then keep them or sell them for FooDollars! It's fun to start your own FooPets family tree!

Visit the newborn FooPets Babies!

Step 1: Make sure your pet is 1 year old

Your FooPet must be at least 1 year old to breed. You can adopt older FooPets from other users, or accelerate the age of your existing FooPet for 20 FD so that you can breed right now!

Step 2: Have a litter license

In order to breed, both the mom and dad must own a Litter License. A Litter License is only good for one breeding. As a ClubFoo Plus member, you get a free Litter License every month!

Step 3: Find a breeding partner

Once you own a Litter License, send Breeding Requests to other FooPet members! Go to the Breeding Forum to find members who would like to breed. Click on a user's profile to see her pets and send a breeding request! Both pets must be old enough to breed, the same species (both dogs or both cats) and the opposite sex (one male and one female).

If you breed two of your own pets, you will need two litter licenses. Go to your profile page, find a pet you want to breed, and click the breed link to see which pets you can breed with!

If a member sends you a Breeding Request, you'll see a notification on this page. Once you accept an invitation, or your invitation is accepted, a Litter License will be deducted and you've found a match! You will have FooBabies in a few weeks!

Read more about breeding in the FAQs.