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Warmly decorated ready for Santa to arrive, this winter wonderland home is just waiting for your FooPets.

Currently unavailable.
Happy Halloween to each one of you! Thank You from us, your friends here at Foo ♥

This ghostly bride is no more than a chill in the air with eyes brimming with silver tears. Belladonna is ghostly transparent and is sure to bring intrigue to your latest Halloween scene.

Currently unavailable.
Shhh, Glinda is resting from her travels!

These spooky ghosts will haunt any scene!

The perfect addition to any spooky scene. Beware Mr. Jack O. Lantern and his Pokey Pirate friend!

Ragnors castle located on Toppers peak is a very magnificent sight.

Currently unavailable.
Wizard cat for a magical Halloween scene.

Halloween is Hairys favorite time of year. Hairy would love to make friends with your FooPets.

Currently unavailable.
This fun inflatable will give a nice touch to one of your spooky Halloween scenes! Just make sure the ghosts are happy - you don't want them angry!

Despite his grim expression, Dr. Spooky is quite a friendly fellow and just wants to be your FooPets' new friend!

These rainbow colored roses are real and smell so nice, that every FooPet will love to have them in the Spring garden for Mother's Day!

Currently unavailable.
A pretty pink and blue painted candy egg for your scene this Easter.

Little Shamrock Rover is here to brighten your day with a little holiday clover!

Saartje would love to become friends with your FooPet. She may even lay an egg or two for them. Part of the Spring & Easter 2018 Collection.

Currently unavailable.
Palm Sunday is the Sunday before Easter Sunday. To celebrate, traditionally in Europe a stick in the shape of a cross is decorated by kids with olive tree branches and Easter decorations like colorful eggs, while on top of the stick traditionally sits a Hen. Kids then walk a parade through the streets, holding their Palm Sticks. You can put this Palm Stick in your FooPet's garden or room. Part of the Spring & Easter 2018 Collection.

Currently unavailable.
Look, when exploring the Spring garden, Fluffy found some early Easter eggs! Part of the Spring & Easter 2018 Collection.

A spring tree decorated with colorful eggs and little chicks, to brighten your FooPet's garden while waiting for Easter to arrive! An old German and Austrian tradition. Part of the Spring & Easter 2018 Collection.

Currently unavailable.
A fun hanging clover beads for your scenes.

What a cool little dragon to brighten your holiday!