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Avatar (Profile) Image Size (locked)

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Avatar (Profile) Image Size

We encourage members to have fun and be creative with avatar pictures.
However, we must ask that all avatar pictures are kept within approximately 400 pixels.
There have been problems with avatar pictures that were so long that they went down into the members name, ETC. This prohibits the ability to see and click on all controls. These long avatars also take up an extra large amount of space when posting within the forums.

Below I have added a link to a profile as an example of an appropriate profile avatar size and length. This particular image is 379 pixels. As you can see this avatar is large enough for everything to be clearly visible but not so long that it covers or limits the abilities of the site.

We appreciate your understanding and following this avatar guidelines.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

We welcome your comments and questions in the UNlocked sticky in Chit Chat. :)
Thanks a lot~