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Meet the new owners of FooPets (locked)

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You – Try the Breeding Forum! :o) Post a thread there advertising a pet you have that you would like to breed, sell, trade, or re-home. Good luck to you.

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I thought Scott went to work for a capital investment company….?

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  • Welcome back to FooPets! I’m sure we all have missed you. I am beginning to understand everything now. I hope to see what FooPets comes to!
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Thank you for your positive attitudes everyone, it is members like you who will help revive this community back to the way we all remember it :)

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I thought Scott went to work for a capital investment company….?


Scott, Eugene and I are working part-time on FooPets (as we all have other day jobs now), while Traci is working full-time (you will know her here as MissJoeyLee).

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

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FOO hasnt been the same since you left I’m SOOOO glad that your back Thank you Guys SOO much for stepping in and takeing back over

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OMG…open your eyes people!!! And that’s all I shall say or else I will be suspended for having an opinion

I just wanted to respond and say my eyes are quite open and clear thank you. The dark days of suspension/banning for no reason I believe were due in large part to…well, not Dr. Ron. LOL. I believe you can be free with your opinions as long as they are not openly rude, slanderous, or derogatory in nature. I have had some support tickets that I sent in recently where I was my opinionated self, but still managed to be polite about it while getting the opinion across that this or that issue did not necessarily please me, and here I stand (metaphorically speaking) not suspended or banned. Quite the opposite, my opinions were welcomed by Traci and Angie who offered their feedback. Provided you’re not a total heathen about it, I don’t think that anyone has to worry about it going back to the “Dark Ages” as people love to refer to it, and I don’t recall seeing Dr. Ron ever going on a banning spree when he was here last time. He was always a friendly guy as I recall with a love for the site. I don’t see this being any different. In fact, the only difference that I see so far is better communication. Which is a plus in my book.


That’s nice to know /gulps/ I am more scared now.

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And no, you cannot be free with your opinions, not now and certainly not before when he was here.

Really? I would disagree. I was perfectly open and free with my opinions in Support and I am still here. I posted two ticket on April 9th, and I added to one of them 3 times, each time becoming increasingly frustrated, but remaining polite, mature, and explaining my thoughts and why I was feeling the way that I was and my suggestions to them, and here I still am. One ticket was responded to with quite a lot of actual positive feedback, in fact praise, for sharing my opinions, and the other, the one that I kind of used as a sounding board, remains open, and I was invited to continue to share more thoughts and suggestions as they arose. On neither was I warned that my actions were inappropriate or that to continue to voice such thoughts would have me removed from the game. They actually seemed to welcome my opinions, in part, I believe, because while I was obviously frustrated, I wasn’t yelling at them or accusatory. I said what I felt and tried to tell them ways that I thought they might improve the situation. Whether or not they take advice from one lowly player is quite irrelevant to this particular discussion, the point is that they never once got rude or mean with me, I was never threatened, and I was welcomed to continue to speak. I believe they enjoy the level of communication they have with us, open communication, back and forth, provided it is given respectfully both ways. I don’t believe they want to start suspending people or banning them for no reason and scaring them. People have been scared for too long. I believe a large part of why they have been so open in communication is to show us that we can come to them and we need not fear them. If that had been Rivet, I probably wouldn’t have said all that I did, and at one point, I actually did fear that I may have overstepped a bit, but I was treated very well.

I have personally seen them happen within the past three weeks.

Personally, I haven’t heard of anyone being suspended in the last 3 weeks, but if someone was, I feel they probably did something to warrant it. I have seen no tyranny here.

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If you’ll please forgive the double post, I was flagged before I could add this and I would really like to say it:

And Mama – I’m not saying these things to be rude to you. I am not here to start an argument with you or get you upset. But obviously you are scared, and I don’t believe these are people you should fear. And obviously, you are also scaring other people with your posts. I don’t wish to fight with you, I only wish people to see both sides. I have nothing against people posting their opinions.

Izzy – You have no reason to be scared. :o)

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Islen, relax and deep breaths. Remember what I told you. You’ll do fine.

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All we ask is that you show everyone, including this company respect. Dr. Ron and the others didn’t have to save Foopets. They did it for the love of the company and the members. They know how much we love our pets and for the most part each others company.
When you give respect you will get respect in return. No one is here to chastise, degrade, or humiliate you. However, we do expect that same courtesy in return.
Please feel free to share you thoughts and opinions and move on. When you constantly continue to belabor the point it seems disrespectful and vindictive. We all know things were difficult in the past. Granted…. But this is a NEW time and most chose to move forward and not dwell on past mistakes. I hope from this point forward we can all join together and have fun and think of the great possibilities before us.

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just let people talk…if you don’t then yes we are back to the same ole same ole

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My deepest apologies if my posts seemed condescending to you. Apparently then I am not the only one making assumptions. I assumed that you were scared, I do apologize for that, but you assume condescension where none is implied. As I stated, the point was not to argue with you or make you angry, I would think that condescending to anyone would not be viewed as friendly in any manner.

Yes I chose words I felt were appropriate, and once more I am sorry if you felt they misrepresented your post. But I do believe that your post scared at least one person. I was not the one talking about how they would suspend and ban people. I sought to reply to you because I was hoping to help you see that I did something that maybe in another time and place would have been taken a different way, but something positive came out of it. My only intention in seeking you out was to show you that people can change. This is a free place to post, you gave your opinion, and I merely returned with mine. It was not meant to be disrespectful, which was why I added the extra post at the end to say that I wasn’t trying to be rude to you.

No, it doesn’t mean I am right. But I have seen some very strong opposition to this new management already. Some suspicion, in another place. The people there did not start spewing venom, merely stated their honest opinions, in the forums. Openly. Both of them are still here. And I saw another forum thread that had a rumor in it, that was posted on and left up for a few hours. The person posting was not aware that it was a rumor, but it was still fairly inappropriate. They are still here. So aside from actual swearing or shouting and being totally inappropriate, I’m not sure what would merit a suspension.

And I may not be right. :o) Also I think they like to hear our ideas and suggestions. I wasn’t trying to tell them what they should do though, just my thoughts about things. But Mama, I really am sorry if I offended you in any way, it really wasn’t my intention.