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Trainer- lots of us had lost many friends. I lost alot of them when Rivet took over. I for one am very happy Dr Ron is back. Yeah there may have been bad things in the past but we had fun. Alot more fun than when Rivet took over. Alot of things were taken away from us by Rivet. I am very hopeful things will be fun again and hope to someday hope my friends will return.

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Me too.

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I agree Trainer..too many friends were lost…both when it went pay to play and later, a lot of good people that grew tired of Rivet’s tyranny and it is sad, many of them I still miss.nunu3155, I am also very hopeful things will turn around now and our beloved Foo Pets will be returned to the fun place it once was. Yes, I am hoping my friends return too. I believe this can only be accomplished by sticking together and believing in an positive outcome. It will take a lot of work, and on some people’s parts a lot of forgiveness, and an ability to live in the present, here and now, not in the past where the awful things happened. I am willing to support our new staff and believe they have learned from the terrible things that happened. If they so desire, I also believe they can correct most of it, and return our game to us, possibly bringing our friends back as well.

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Thanks so much for making playing with the Pokeys and Marleys so much fun now! Don’t know what you did but, PLEASE do not undo it! I have spent hours playing with them since you took back your rightful seat!~big smile~

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Please! Can the preaching stop?
Play the game!
Good lord! We have been through enough these past months so be thankful we still CAN play.
I get drug down in the dumps with all the negativity.
Have your opinions but send them to your friends via posts!
I do not come here to read that boring repetitive junk!
He/she who has never made a mistake please, show me who you are so I can bow before you because I have made PLENTY of mistakes and I do NOT keep hearing about them!

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Cheers! Gypsy! Love Both your posts!!

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I will still miss Snacks. I think he was a good and fair Admin. But I’m hoping that once the new team gets bigger we will see a return to some of the features we loved in the past that have been long gone from the game. That would be very nice indeed. :o)

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I do not come here to read that boring repetitive junk!

While I have not posted any rants into this thread. I do think that everyone’s opinion is important. Even the ones I do not agree with. And people’s opinions can hardly ever be called repetitive junk. :)

Those who wish, can remain skeptical ( and for good reason ), those who do not ( also for a good reason ) go ahead cheer on. But both parties need to be able to express their concerns and/or joy.


Good Bye Dr. Jane……..:’(

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Everyone has the right to their opinion regarding this topic. However, if things begin to turn into arguments between members, the posts will be deleted. Please keep posts constructive and respectful.

Have a great day everyone.


Thanks, friend!

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There is always a choice to not respond to personal attacks and lies. I know because I do it every day lately. If I can do it then everyone else can also. Trust me, it’s always better to just let it go :)

I’m back to finishing my latest sketch and enjoying what little weather is left here before the nasty storms come rolling in later. Have a great Sunday everyone :)

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You are free to disagree with someone but after two Fas have asked for peace then it needs to be dealt between the ones disagreeing privately and not on a thread. I don’t think that’s too much to ask and they have asked nicely.

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Off topic but I’d rather people would not abuse funny flag just to show their superiority. Hope everyone has a great end of the weekend :)

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Please stop taking things out of context and assuming things. They didn’t specifically ask for it to be done privately. They asked for peace. It’s only logical at that point to do whatever disagreeing with someone in private instead of here. That’s just me. I just thought I’d suggest it in an attempt to avoid posts being deleted by the Fas that asked for peace. You are of course free to do as you please.

Now I’m truly leaving to work on my sketch. One of the fringe benefits of recent events :)