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Meet the new owners of FooPets (locked)

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Welcome back Dr.Ron!

I had no idea FooPets was close to being shut downD:

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In the spirit of keeping the peace, I am making a conscious decision to not respond to a personal attack on the opinions I stated…so see, you can decide not to respond! There really is a choice!

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Welcome back Mr Hornbaker, I feel so much more at ease knowing you are back.

No matter what people say on here, I know you always had the members at heart, and I feel that you will be able to bring the site back to the vibrant place it once was.

The only thing I hope for, is that members appreciate the realistic perspective of what you have done, if it was not for you we would have never had foopets, and now in these times of economic depression you again have made it possible for foopets to continue.

let the good times roll :)

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I agree Mama. If you come under attack or are slandered by another member by all means defend yourself. You really don’t have a choice, not if you have any self respect at all.

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I agree Mama. If you come under attack or are slandered by another member by all means defend yourself. You really don’t have a choice, not if you have any self respect at all.

I don’t agree, all you are doing is carrying on the negativity that was started by somebody else only to make you look more negative.

this is not the place to argue, or play into the hands of others, you would have more self respect if you walked away, and stopped the aggravation by not contributing to it to protect your honor.

at the end of the day are letters so offensive when they are so indiscriminately thrown onto a screen without the thought for another’s feelings.
its a matter of opinion, but the fact remains we as adults should lead more of an example rather than bicker in the playground of silliness.

walk away have a cup of tea or whatever your preference is, because you know whether a slander or attack is true, and remember you need not explain
your self to anybody.

but if you retort and get into it, well that is just contributing to the chaos even if what was said was wrong , bad or unfair, as this is not the place.

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“she who shall not be named” seems to be who most ppl had the issues with, but although she was “his staff – so his responsibility” he cannot be responsible for everything she did or did not do. anyway, shes gone now, so why hold Dr Ron responsible for her wrong doings? Maybe now, Dr ron will have a better perspective on what we want, what keeps us here and what needs to be done to make this place everything both he and we want it to be.

He was the CEO … in the end, yes, every single little thing she did within his company or with his customers is ultimately his fault.

Not trying to be a negative person, just wanted to post my opinion on that. ;P

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But you see Musu, you expressed your opinion without bringing anyone else down.

That is the correct way to debate.

It is his fault. I would hope he would own up to that and strive to do better this time.

ETA: It is his fault now. What happened at the time, I don’t know how hands on he was and how aware of things he was. But right now, he needs to own the mistakes of the past in order to progress for the future.

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This is either my third or fourth time asking for people to stop with the mean spirited, disrespectful posts.
I think by now everyone knows the opinions of many by the repeat posters on this thread. This is moving into attack and defend mode and not in any way appropriate. It is not polite, respectful, nor in the spirit of what our community is about. From this point forward please refrain from such continued negativity or this thread will be locked. Our opinions are our own and there are no right or wrongs so no one will win. All their will be is hurt feelings.

If this continues I will not warn again. This thread will be locked until further notice. Please stop this… Thank you all for your cooperation. :-)

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I would hope he would own up to that and strive to do better this time.

Why? that makes me think that at an individual level we all need to be patted on the head and told “dont worry it will be alright this time”

if that is what members are looking for, i dont really think they will get that.that is not what this site is about, its about pets. in no way should it be about making us not worry or feel better about how the company is running, as that is an uncontrollable factor which we dont get paid to think about anyway.

dont get me wrong, most members are passionate about foopets and i understand why, i just think if we could all just get over the past dramas and look at the site with fresh eyes maybe it would seem a little better.

Maybe we should just leave the past where it is and be happy foopets is still here.

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Sorry, I did not express that correctly.

Not to us. He does not owe me an apology.

But for himself. He needs to see where he went wrong last time. There were great things done and some not so great things done from what I am reading.

But in order for anything to succeed, you need to see where your mistakes are and fix them.

The fact that he bought back the company is enough for me. I don’t care what his motives were [to rebuild to sell for profit, to rekindle his passion for the game, to fill a need to succeed, etc.] for the purchase.

All I care about is that this game is still here and I am hoping for a brighter future for us all.


I cannot agree more, i am excited about what he will do to the place, :)

its been ages since i have felt a buzz about foopets, but its all sparked off again

its great :)


So I Remeber that when DrRon was here we could breed pokeys. Can we start to breed them again??


Pokeys do not agree with the system that Foopets is on – letting pokeys breed will make the site slower and more glithcy … so I’d assume not.

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Welcome back, Dr.Ron! We’re glad to have you back!

Guys, stop with the negativity. The Admins already asked you to stop, be glad he’s back!

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Manic…thanks for your well -thought out really gave me some insight into how things are done. I have never been a CEO but I knew instinctively that all the blame can not..should not rest on one man’s shoulders. I , like you, plain and simple just love Foo Pets and always will. I am hoping for a bright and happy future and I believe having the original founder and his staff back working so hard to see this dream manifest is truly a blessing. I, for one, can not imagine a world without Foo Pets!! Onward and Upward..hoping for only good things ahead. Dr. Ron, many of us are behind you and want this site to succeed …and we are happy you are back!! We appreciate the communication lines being open, and all the work you are doing. Thank You for fighting to keep Our Foo Pets alive!!!!

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So happy to have you back!