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Q&A ~Art In The Mart~ Tips

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Hi everyone!!
I have seen a lot of members ask questions about submitting art so I thought I would gather the questions I have seen the most and give answers to help some members get a better understanding.


I have been going though the backgrounds and we have some very talented members that have really sent in some beautiful scenes. I have spent countless hours viewing.
Below are some tips I wanted to share to help some members understand some of what we look for.

1. Make sure all backgrounds are 748×330 and in JPG format.

2. Make sure there is a proper walking area, explained here.
Below are screen shots of the grids on the play page. I have an arrow pointing to the horizon line. If you’ll notice while playing with your pets how far up they run as well as how far over to each side. Backgrounds that have objects in the foreground (in front), or on the sides are difficult to use because when you put your pets in the scene they will walk or run over them. For example, a forest scene that has a lot of trees on each side will have the pets running in the trees. This is not ideal. If you will use this grid as a guide it will help you get the walking area correct and keep pets from walking in tree tops, rooftops, etc.

Background Grids

A guide to help you with placement.

3. When picking out your picture make sure it is the correct size. If the picture is not big enough please make sure when making adjustments that you do not distort the picture by stretching it out to much. This will cause blurriness and distortion (not in proportion).


1. Make sure all items are 400px wide by 400px high and in PNG format with a transparent alpha channel when submitting. Meaning all areas around an items should be invisible so when you put an item in a scene they will look like they stand alone.

2. Cropping/Cut outs- When cropping and cutting out items you want to make sure the items is cut out completely around the object in a clean and neat way. This may take lots of practice. Cutting out an object by leaving it in a square box with color surrounding it, whether it be white, black,red, etc. is not cutting it out completely. It has to be completely cut out with all of this gone, having a transparent (invisible) background as stated on the submissions page.

4. Make sure that when taking or using a specific picture it is clear and in focus. Try not to use a picture that is really tiny by blowing it up. This can distort the picture, cause blurriness to the point it can not be used.

5. PLEASE, PLEASE research the picture you are going to use to make sure it is not under copyright. This is extremely important. If there is any question of something being under copyright it is probably NOT a good idea to use it.

6. SAME ITEM, DIFFERENT COLORS- If you are submitting an item in different colors please limit to a maximum of three color variations. This does NOT guarantee all colors will be accepted. It does give us a choice to choose what is best for the mart at that particular time. Another color may be chosen at a different time. As nice as it is to have a variety we do not want to put too many of the same item in the mart.

Using images from “Free” image websites are not always allowed for what you are wanting to use them for. Please make sure you read the provisions and stipulations for use. This is usually in small print in the “Terms and Conditions” section.

Question: I submitted something months ago, why wasn’t it accepted?

Just because something you submitted did not get accepted right away does NOT mean it will not be later on. We have many, many submissions. As I plan things for the future there may be thing that have just been submitted that would go nicely with what plan I may currently have in mind. Then, there are some things that are submitted that I may have plans for later in the year.

I hope this helps answer some frequently asked questions. I am very excited and grateful for all the submissions.

Keep in mind this is “User Submitted Art”. Please do not post links to artwork for the intent to bash or make fun of. This is not constructive and only serves to hurt the creator which is not what the spirit of the site is all about. We want everyone to feel welcome to submit items and backgrounds without fear that someone will create a post or thread for the soul purpose to bash and make fun of other members art. It can not only be hurtful but discourage members from submitting something for fear that even the nicest items will be bashed in some way.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I look forward to all the GREAT submissions coming in. Please check back frequently. We will have plenty of items rolling out. If you see something that you don’t like, just skip it and keep checking. There will be plenty more to come. Plus, I have some fun ideas in mind for the future!! PL!~

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Thank you PL~ I hope everyone who enjoys Subitting Art takes a minute to read this. It’s full of good information and helpful hints :o)

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For the items, do they have to be 400×400? Just sometimes with a few items once you have cut them out it looks strange if you make it square… Like someone has grabbed one end, someone on the other and pulled… :p

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Yes, they do have to be in proportion but the maximum size is 400X400.
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Oh OK I get it now. :) Thanks! :)

Your VERY welcome!! PL!~

Thanks PL. :)

Your VERY welcome!! PL!~

Who or where do we send the idea to? :) I'm really confuzzled xD

You can click ideas and suggestions
It will take you to the thread to add them there. :-)
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There was a thread where everyone was sharing ideas on what they would like to see in the mart and I can not find it now. I think you started it Parrotlady… is it still around?

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Pokey-Mo here is the link to that thread /topics/show/2445413?forum_id=28&post_count=34

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Thank you Rozzy! I will bookmark it this time. =D


You’re very welcome :)

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I have a legit question, why aren’t the artists name not appearing in the items, personally I would like to know so I could personally congratulate them, I mainly like to know who created the dot collection, I absolutely love it & it would be nice to know, thanks!

Edit: If the names can’t appear then maybe we can have a compromise like having a post where they can announce themselves, please consider this, thanks…

 We don't have creator name on things 
because it can and has caused conflict and hurt 
feelings for various reasons in the past. There is
no problem with members openly saying what 
pieces of art are theirs, that is totally up to them.
PL!~  :-)
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How about making it the users choice?? We have to write our own descriptions anyways….so why not allow us to choose if we want people to know we made an item or not?? If there is no problem with us voicing it, I don’t see the difference. Just a thought…Thanks

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PL sorry I don’t understand why it would cause hurt feelings & conflict, personally It makes me happy to see great items of the artists creativity, my motto is live & let live just because somebody wants to knock down somebody elses hard work doesn’t mean majority will do the same why not punish the one who doesn’t appreciate & cause trouble for the inventor, its a huge shame certain people can’t get along & everybody has to suffer for it especially the artist, good day to you PL…

Kaylina what you say is very true, making it artist choice is a wonderful idea :)

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I am all about the people having a choice. I think a lot of people marvel over the new stuff in the mart and we’d like to give congrats and praise to the people that make such great items. Hopefully this may be a decision that could be rethought.

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I think the hurt came because one artist (Who in due honesty submitted amazing things.) got their items accepted first and they were the first ones in the mart after the re-opening if submissions. They had their name on and quite a few people screamed favouritism because of who she was. Most didn’t have a problem with it and only wanted to congratulate her, but there were a few that took it badly and weren’t oh-so-kind to her…

But I am for the artist choice option being there. I would love people to know some of the items released were mine, especially when it’s an example of my landscape photography.

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Just curious why this thread was never answered but this was posted after…

It’s a logical question that others would like to know.

Thanks Smidgey! I finally answered most of your question. I apologize for taking so long to answer. PL!~