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✰❀Keeping the Site Fun and Friendly for All ✰ Notice to Members — Please Read ❀✰ (locked)

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First, we want to thank EVERYONE for being part of our community.
We have so many members log in each day that have shared their lives with us over the years and have new members we are just now getting the pleasure to meet and know.
We want everyones FooPets experience be a positive one. When visiting our community please remember to treat fellow members as you would like to be treated.
Respectful, positive, high spirited conversations are encouraged and always welcome.
Please keep a few things in mind as you spend time with us.
It may be difficult to understand what other member(s) are trying to convey or how our own posts can be received by others. The typed word has no voice inflection, facial expression etc. to give us clues as to what a member may be thinking or feeling at any given time. We have many users on site with different personalities and variety of thought processes. Everyone has their own opinions, and life experiences they may want to share in a pleasant, safe community environment.

Sadly it has been brought to my attention that some threads and posts created lately are not in the spirit of FooPets. Over the last few weeks we have seen an increase in disruptive, inciting, and boarding on bullying behavior. This is unacceptable and can not be tolerated in our community for any reason.
Our ambassadors, Remsie, Rozzy22, and Sophiemom1 along with myself, Parrotlady are here to help ALL our members with a variety of needs. Having to constantly be pulled to carefully watch specific thread(s) takes time away from other areas that need our attention. It also cuts into our planning time for fun things we would like to share within our community.
Since we have so many new users now that we have free memberships, I would like to encourage everyone to review the Rules of Conduct plus the Terms of Service. This is very useful information to bookmark and review from time to time.

A very important rule to keep in mind is BULLYING.
We have a ZERO tolerance policy on bullying and it will be enforced when needed.

If you are experiencing issues with the site or other member(s) please feel free to contact the Ambassadors, myself and /or support. Don’t take it upon yourself to lash out or say anything back that could inflame the situation more. It is best to move away from the conflict and report it so it doesn’t get you in trouble as well. We are always glad to handle any situation. Please, just notify us with proper information ie. screen shots, members links, and details, and we will take the appropriate action.

We try to give everyone chances to change bad behavior. However, sometimes suspensions are necessary. Opening side accounts when you are suspended is not encouraged. If a member opens another (side) account and continues the negatively, that account also may be immediately suspended.

Everyone visiting FooPets should feel free to enjoy their time here no matter how you play the game. Each member wants different things from their time here.
We love our members and want you all to have the BEST possible experience in the most POSITIVE way!
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✰✰✰✰ REMINDER✰✰✰✰

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We are seeing lots of unacceptable behavior in the forums. Members trying to tell others what to do, insults, accusations, bullying, and members inciting others etc. This original announcement was to help members understand. Continuing to act this way forces us to suspend accounts and this is NOT something we want to do. If you have ANY questions or need help please contact support or any of the ambassadors. We are always happy to help.PL!~