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Be Alert - User Reminders (locked)

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Hi Everyone,

We want to remind all our users to be very careful with your login information. We have accounts with high value pets on them and want you to keep in mind some things to look out for to keep your accounts safe.

It is never wise to share login information for any reason even if you think you know this person 110%.

If someone gives you their login don’t feel bullied or pressured to give them yours. If you feel this way please report it to an ambassador or support.

Be vigilant! Always keep your guard up when on the internet. You can really never be sure who is on the other side of the screen if you don’t know them personally. People can be very smooth and convincing to get what they want. If someone starts asking you personal questions, politely decline to answer.

One member may be running multiple accounts pretending to be other users.

They may give different reasons for leaving the site for a while only just to switch to another account or accounts.

They may try making members feel certain ways to divide friendships or just to make people angry or hurt just to divide.

Be careful of phishing scams through emails.

Definition of phish·ing

The fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers.

FooPets will NEVER ask for your password. Never give it to anyone.

Be on the lookout for people that ask a lot of questions like how long have you been a member, whats your pets name?, how old is XYZ? Do you have brothers and sisters?, How many, what school do you go to?, etc. It could be just simple questions but these questions may help them figure out what your login information is. They can be very persuasive and persistent.

If they ask you personal questions like names of animals, places you live, schools you go to politely decline. If you go to school with someone on FooPets don’t use any identifying information for your login like ID numbers…etc. Don’t have or share any info on other social media platforms like FB, Skype, Snap Chat etc. that could help them gain access to your FooPet’s account.

Be sure you change your login information frequently. It is not wise to use anything that is easy to remember or information that could easily be looked up by people online or gotten from mutual friends online or in person.

 You cannot be sure of who is on the other side of the screen.

I am sure most of you already know these things but just in case, we do have lots of younger members that may not. We just want you to be as safe as possible.

Thank you for reading! PL!~