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When The Sun Sets Remember it will Rise Again || Can I bring one home by my birthday?

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Hello! Welcome to My Dream Thread, this is the 3rd time I’ve made it, but this time I have fancy graphics thanks to K-Queso. <3 So sit back relax as we move through this thread together. :) Original Thread.

This is search day 605 (I’ve been searching for 647 days)

On Foo

Username: Tentatrice
Star Level/Color: 67
Bonding Badge: 1191+ Days
How Many Pets do I own: Total 47, Technically 39
Me on Foo: I try to be friendly when I do interact with people, which I usually am. I am probably not too known on this site (I mean I’ve been here and around for 4 years now, but I am usually really shy and only speak to a handful of people. I LOVE weimaraners, they are my favorite breed on Foopets (which you’ll be able to see later). I go out of my way to help other players – sometimes I am not able to help like I want, but other times I help so many people. Sometime last year I found a LS Yorkie when I sold him I think I had around 70k (and at the time no dream pet wanted) so I posted a thread telling people to give me their dreams that cost 10k and below. I was able to help out so many people, but in the end it left me broke! xD Just the other day I bought a Lost weimaraner for someone who’s dream was a Lost weimaraner just because I had the chance – I love helping people, and making their days just that little bit more better. <3

Off Foo

I am a 24 year old female who lives in the countryside with her boyfriend 3 dogs, 2 turtles, 2 cats, and 1 veiled Chameleon I am extremely shy in real life, I can’t even talk to people over the phone without freaking out, or thinking I SOUND anxious, or stressed, or awkward. So many things go through my head when I have to talk to someone I don’t know – it’s bad over the phone, but my god when it’s in person, I speak so softly and quickly that I usually have to repeat myself. Usually my boyfriend has to order my food for me, when they ask me directly I faulter, and freeze, then we are all there sitting in an awkward silence.

Now off the subject of my issues! I love reading, and learning. There really isn’t a day that I don’t do research on some obscure thing (mostly animals), but in some cases it has to do with space, the ocean, or mythical creatures. I am not really too much of a fan of watching shows, but the boyfriend has gottem me to try, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Handsmaid Tale, and Once Upon a Time. A show I picked up on my own is The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, I love it, but sadly I’ve already watched all the episodes available. ;w; For the most part when I am not cleaning/taking care of my puppers I am on the computer watching youtube, researching things, playing Foopets, and other various site games.

I also play a game called The Isle….a lot. The Isle is an early acess game that came out in December of 2016 (I do believe), an is basically a Dinosaur survival game, however unlike Ark, Primal Carnage, or Stomping Lands you play /as/ the dinosaur, and not for just a quick round of how many people can I kill. You have stats you have to worry about, Food, Thirst, and Stamina are the main ones, but if you get bit by someone else you have to take into account your bleed. Humans and other ‘human-oid’ type animals are going to be added over the future which will change how we knew early acess to be. If you are interested in the game it’s on steam for like 20 or 25$.

This will only be the 39 Pets that I am keeping.

Markiplier Mark is my first dream I was able to accomplish, can’t say much except I am super lucky to have him in my home, and I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world. Ini, and Aleks helped me bring him home. <3

Jacksepticeye Jack was brought home long ago, the name I originally gave her was Domona. I changed her name to Jack when I realized she’d be a great partner to Mark. <3

Aladar Aladar has been in my home probably the longest out of any other pup (besides Silea) in my home. He’s stuck with me through thick and thin, and mutliple cleanings of my account where I moved pets to different accounts.

Merida Merida was the second dream pet I was able to get, after I got Mark I began looking for an uber female 1st gen. Sadly I wasn’t able to find any that were 1st gen, so 2nd gen had work, plus it was better than nothing. Gottheart help me bring her home! <3

Manganese Mang I got sooooo long ago as well, around the same time I got Aladar. Unlike Aladar however Mang is a low stat, he didn’t start my love for low stats, but he helped it burn on.

Mafic I found Mafic on the PP either one day before, or the same day someone was selling Mang, I took it as a sign that they HAD to be in the same home as each other. Mafic is actually the one that got me adoring low stats.

Semno I’ve had Semno for a couple years now, his name means Delirium or so I was told by google Translate or something haha. He was named afte Del, on of my best foofriends, and though we don’t talk as much I still feel close to her.

Nita Nita was bought a couple years ago, since I love weimaraners there wasn’t a very particular reason why I was attached to her. Usually as long as their stats were good (or REALLY BAD like Mafic/Mang’s) I’d buy them if I could afford them.

Faolan Faolan has only been in my home a little over a year. He’s been a good breeder since I’ve gotten him, but I am hoping he will produce better babies in the future. I can’t say too much abuot him sadly.

Bamja I’ve owned Bamja longer than Faolan, however I have only been breeding her with Faolan. The two seem to be a good pair. Can’t remember where I got Bamja or how much I paid for her, but she’s in her forever home now.

Shang Shang was brought home around the same time as Mulan, he was bought for the sole purpose of producing twins/triplets/quadruplet weimaraner puppies. So far none have been born, but I won’t give up so easily!

Mulan Mulan was brought home around the same time as Shang. They were both bought for the sole reason to produce twins, triplets, and quadruplets. Like I said for Shang none have been born, some I think have been close, but we still aren’t there yet.

Bank I remember when I first saw Bank, someone (can’t remember who) was going through the shelter trying to find pets that were worth something…Bank popped up and they made a thread about him. I know multiple people wanted him, but the person who found him decided to give him to me, and here he has stayed all this time.

Mavalan I got Mavalan many years ago, in 2015. I am pretty sure a friend got her for me, but somehow that’s been lost over the years. She was one of the first, 1st gen high stat female weimaraners I got.

Tarzan Tarzan was given to me as a gift from PewdsJackMark for 45FD’s back in 2016. This was a time that I was low on funds to keep adding to my weimaraner kennel, but Pewds was kind enough to send Tarzan to me, and I couldn’t be more thankful.

Kailasa Gin Kailasa was given to me in 2016 from a member/friend I can’t recall, during this time having friends who got me weimaraners I loved helped me so much. I had plenty of issues that year health and mental issues so Kailasa and Tarzan were major moral boosters.

Svithium Svithium was produced in my home on December 31st, 2016. He was produced from Mang and Mafic, and happened to be the lowest purebred weimaraner on the site (that I am aware of). He has been in my home since day one (aside from a time I thought my account was going to be deleted).

Vladixium Vlad has been in my home a couple of years, he was given to me by my dear friend Kuna, now known as Versio-. He means so much to me because she gave him to me, and he was my first growling weimaraner. <3 He helps make my home complete and I wouldn’t sell him for the world.

Rocky Rocky has been in my home since 2016, I can’t remember if I found him, bought him, or if he was gifted to me, but he’s apart of my foofamily. He may not be anything too special, but I love him just the way he is.

Zevian Zevian has been in my home for over a year now, he was my second growling weimaraner. Blue-Mountain sold him to me. Can’t remember exactly how much, but I’ve always loved growling weimaraners. So my home wouldn’t be complete without at least a couple of these babies.

Yamimash Yamimash is from the only actual Rehoming I’ve been involved in, he was also my first pet won in a rehoming. I remember entering my tasks in, and enjoying chatting with the people, but I was the one who he came home with, and he hasn’t left since!

Khonsu Khonsu may not of been my first, second, or even third lost weimaraner, but unlike all the others I’ve grown completely attached to him. I got him in 2017 and he’s been here this entire time, and he’ll be here even longer!

Nut Nut came into my home on July 2nd, 2017. I got her because I thought Khonsu needed a friend, and through that I bonded with her, now she and him are the only lost weimaraners that I’ve actually had a bond with and wanted to keep.

Exact Eva I found Eva in the adoption center, I could stand to let her sit in there especially since she was special. I think it’s rarer to have an exact than a lost honestly since it’s only a single number instead of multiple numbers. <3

Shere Khan Shere Khan was my first rare lostie I found on the play page, June 29th, 2014 I sold him later that year to help a friend. The day came where I was told I’d get him back, but it didn’t happen so a whole month long (if not longer) race happened. In the end with the help of many, many people I was able to bring him back home where he belongs, and he hasn’t left since!

Henden I’ve had this pup for a couple years now, he is one of two yellow labs that I currently own and has obviously been here a while, so I am not too keen on giving him up!

Nani I have had Nani a bit longer than Henden, she being the only other yellow lab that I currently own. I don’t remember who I got her from, but I am happy that she landed in my home.

Harold This pet means so much to me, I haven’t been able to do hi profile, because when I think about who he represents I just, it’s hard. April 10th is the day the a very close family friend passed away. It was so sudden, he loved Chihuahuas, honestly I think they were his favorite. He was given to me by my dear friend Kuna, now known as Versio-, and I could never thank her enough.

Kala I have had Kala since 2016 like a lot of my puppers, ever since Harold died I expaned slightly into the chihuahua breeding world, Kala was a side-effect of that.

Chico Chico was named after my brother’s chihuahua who went through severe neglet before we got him. He started as the family’s dog, but he grew super close to my brother. He sadly went missing in the middle of the night, and was picked up by someone on the highway.

Cupcake When I got this female chihuahua I had no idea what to name her, then it hit me. Since I started breeding chihuahuas after I got Harold, I should name one of them after his favorite….Cupcake, she was super special to him, which made her super special to me.

Stan I just recently brought Stan into my home on August 4th, 2018 from Moostache (I think), I don’t even remember how much I paid for him, but I needed to bring another male chihuahua into my home.

Silea I have had Silea since May 4th, 2014, she was the first ‘rare’/uncommon pet I found on the play page. She has been in and out of my house a couple times, which honestly I keep falling in and out of love with her, I don’t know why I keep doing that. Honestly though she does mean so much to me, which is why she keeps coming back.

Alyvia I got Alyvia from Vanessa-Y’s rehoming, sadly I didn’t really win her. Nobody else wanted her for some strange reason (whatever xD) I snatched her up relatively quickly with absolutely no effort which honestly I didn’t/don’t like. I am still extremely proud to have her in my home though. <3

Taipan Semisweets- found out that I wanted a LS male Bengal and went out of her way to find and buy me this kitty just to sell him to me for 45FD’s. I couldn’t believe it, and I am still in shock, I just wish I could pay her back in some small way!

Bailey Bailey was named after a friend of mine I met online and don’t talk to much anymore. Still this puppy holds a speical place in my heart. I do believe she is also the lostest 1st gen Golden on Foo.

Kalila Kalila is the latest pet I’ve added to my family, she for the moment is mostly a fall back if I can’t get this dream and have to breed to get my dream. So currently her status is unkonwn.

Mary Jane I found Mary on the PP, I don’t know why but I couldn’t refresh her. She was a complete common, nothing special except her stats were pretty straight. I’ve had her in my home a while now, and she was my first Cream Persian I had owned. She won’t be leaving my home ever!

Kush Around 8 months after I found Mary Jane, Kush popped up on the PP. While his stats aren’t as straight, I figured Mary Jane would love to have some company in the form of her own breed so I pulled him off the play page and use him for proof of Lostie I’ve found.

On July 25th, 2018 my cat – my queen; Amoura went into labor. She was always super agressive to the dogs (besides Tobie), but this day she was impossible. She kept seeking Atlas and Zelda out, and attacking them. One of these attempts they finally had enough and tried to launch an attack. I kept the big dog back muzzling her to make sure she didn’t hurt my cat. In the fray Amoura tried to squeeze under a closed door and ended up getting stuck. I was panicing but managed to get her free, and got her into a secluded room. Later that day at 5:37 P.M. she gave birth to her first kitten, a tiny grey creature (though he looked black at the time). I waited for hours, but no other kittens were born. I had heard that labor could take a very long time so I decided to give it the night.

As soon as I woke up the next morning I went to check on Amoura it was clear she wasn’t acting like she was in labor anymore, but her stomach showed something else. I knew that they had to be stuck in there. We rushed her to the vet, where he examined her. He quickly came to the conclusion she would need a C-Section, without the C-Section there wasn’t much we could do besides let her and her unborn kittens die. Of course we went with the C-Section. The kittens pulled out of her belly (two in total) were beautiful little things, sadly though they had already passed.

We took her home to recover and I gave her the day and the secluded room to come off the effects of the ansethetic. It was HOURS, I felt like something was wrong when it reached about 8 P.M. in the evening and she still hadn’t even moved, not even slightly. I called the vet and he didn’t answer, about 20 minutes later her head moved and she seemed to be coming around. He called me back and I let him know that she had moved a bit, I had to do most of the reasearch on the effects of an ansethetic on cats myself using google since the vet clinic only gave me 5 broad things to expect. I decided to get some sleep (also I kept Ishi seperated from Amoura that night since she was waking up and I didn’t want her to crush him).

By the following morning Amoura was a bit more active, you could tell that she was in pain she didn’t want to nurse Ishi and the few times I was able to get him to latch on he’d suckle a couple times then stop. It was like she had no milk to feed him, and wasn’t producing anything. I read that cats were supposed to have a normal appetite 24 hours after the surgery, but Amoura didn’t seem to want any part of it she wouldn’t eat, she drank a little bit, but not much and there was nothing much else we could do. We started bottle-feeding Ishi, and let Amoura rest in our bedroom while checking on her often. She was still wobbly and sleeping a lot which I thought was just the pain, but in reality she was dying. Later that evening around 8 P.M. my boyfriend went in to check on her, and she was gone….just gone.

We buried her after saying our good-byes, I blamed myself (and still do) for not picking up on the signs that something was wrong. Ishi was only 3 days old when his mother had passed, and he only got to spend 1 real night with her, the night he was born…It pains me still to this day that he only got to spend so little time with her, I could already see that she loved him, she paid very special care the night she had him to not lay on him, or sit on him. Anytime he went under her legs she’d left them up so not to put any pressure on him.

July 28th, 2018 I noticed a bump forming over Ishi’s left eye since it was Saturday evening all vet offices were closed, and the following day all vets were closed again. The lump had grown massive I was so worried he had hit his head on something and had internal bleeding of some sort. We were able to get him into the vets office Monday (luckily the lump didn’t seem to effect him much). When we brought him in the vet took a look at it, and concluded that it was in fact an eye infection. He forced that eye open and let it drain. He was very frank with me and told me that there was a 50-50 chance that he could either still have that eye or it’d be gone. We got antibotic ointment that I had to put onto his eye twice a day. As his eyes opened I could tell that both were there.

Ishi has been growing soooooo much and though it’s been a struggle to take care of him it’s been very rewarding, he’s now 6 weeks and 4 days old (soon to be 7 weeks old) and he’s come sooo far. He can climb onto our best, the couches, he started drinking his first water today on his own! He’s also super playful and alert it’s like he never had anything wrong with him, and I love that he is like your average little kitten who gets into all kinds of playful trouble!

For Ishi’s birthday, I made these, I hope you enjoy them.

I have made this thread to locate 2 dream pets – I am looking for 2 uber 663+ Russian Blues. They can be a lot of gens as long as they are purebred. They can be related, but they also don’t have to be related. There is no specific date for them to be born on either. Just 5/5 663+ purebred Male and Female Russian Blues to be named after Amoura, and Ishi.

Right now I honestly don’t have much to offer, I am extremely poor.

: 18,637 FD’s
: 555,438 FG’s

– 112 FD’s
– 124 FD’s


Hansel 667 5/5 1st Gen Marley Lab
Bash 620 5/5 Unknown Gen Siberian Husky
621 621 5/5 2nd/3rd Gen Split Weimaraner
613 613 5/5 2nd/3rd Gen Split Weimaraner
612 612 5/5 3rd Gen Weimaraner

Total Offer with items (not pets): 19,000k+ FD’s.

None at the moment, but feel free to write one up if you’d like! <3


I’d like to donate her to raise your offer so that you can hopefully find those two Russian Blues to represent Amoura and Ishi. <3


hey i grabbed her off of public sale so no one would swoop her up, i sent the link to tent :) just wanted to post that so you dont think im stealing her from tent LOL- was worried someone would buy her and keep/sell her.


Seven-Pets Thank you soo much, it really means a lot to me, and she’s also a weimaraner so I’ll get to have her in my home for a little bit and add to my horde for the moment haha!

Avalumi Oh my gosh, thank you so muchhh! It would have been really bad if someone else would have gotten her first! <3

Everyone Else If you guys see typos please point them out to me so I can fix them. I am usually really bad at typos when I type out big things like this! <3


of course! thats what i was thinking LOL— i didnt want her to be stolen from you, especially when she could help with your offer :(


Well I am super lucky that you are lurking around threads haha. Honestly though thank you Avalumi, you are suchhh a good person – I strive to be like you! x.x


thats so sweet ;w; good luck tent, you really deserve this. im sorry for your loss, as well. <3


Well it’s the truth! Thank you for the luck (I have a feeling I’ll really need it haha), and good luck on your own dream thread – I added it to my list of important threads on my profile so I’ll help you bump it when I can. cx

Thanks it’s pretty hard especially since Ishi is looking more like his mother everyday, but he has his own quirks, and he is an absolute joy, him, and my puppers have been a real help through all of this. I couldn’t imagine what other people feel when they lose pets and don’t have any other pets to turn to – to take their mind off things.


Ishi boop. <3


Good luck Tent!!! I’m sorry for your loss <3


Thank you Western! <3






Thank you Avalumi! <3


Ishi boop. <3


Ishi boop. <3


Ishi boop. <3




Thank you Avalumi! <3 <3