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I just tried to renew my monthly subscription – it took my card AND billed it, but I still do not have InstaCare.

And, since we have NO RECOURSE to fix this, I guess i"m just stuck paying $10 a month for TWO accounts.

This needs to get reported. Admins can do nothing to fix anything, and the tech support office is EMPTY.

Nice way to run a business.

UPDATE – Ok, it’s fixed now. I’m still paying for another account I can’t access. Have messaged support and never received a response.

if ANYONE IS IN TECH SUPPORT, please message me at Flatbushgambler accouht. Thank you!!


Have you messaged PL? Couldn’t hurt.

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Yes, as I understand it, PL is no llonger on FP. And “support,” if you can call it that, does not respond to any tickets, emails, nothing.

We’re just stuck I guess.