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Game of Thrones


Any thoughts on Game of Thrones show/book? :)
Who’s your favorite character? Etc. . .:)


I’ve just seen the show, I own the first book but haven’t had the chance to read it yet. It seemed to be the consensus among everyone, but I didn’t like the way they took the last season. I know George R.R. Martin has said that’s the direction he plans on taking the books, but I think that because it’s two more full books (rather than a seven episode season), it will be done better than it was written for the show.

My favorite character was Sandor Clegane. I really appreciated his character arch and his journey to being a better person. I also liked Rob Stark, Podrick, Sam, and Arya.


Cool!! I like Jaime Lannister, Tommen, Joffrey (surprisingly yes), & Mycella. Cersei’s annoying!! I haven’t really connected to the book or much of the show. I just seen scene clips of the characters.