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i'm sorry!! :( :'(

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I know that i have been somewhat annoying here. And i am really sorry for all of it. I have had a very bad & tragic life that has left me in fear, confusion, stress, & depression. I don’t have “really” have annoying to get help with for my problems, no one to really talk to. My therapist & doctors aren’t helpful & rude, my family is a bad mess with me mentally, i was bullied & harassed to almost death, i was touched inappropriately at school when i was young, & just have had a bad life!! No one listens to me & only makes things worse!! I don’t mean to start problems on here. I just don’t have anyone “good” to help me with stuff. Like i said, i am so sorry!! :( :’(

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No you’re okay please don’t beat yourself up, I just don’t know if we’re in a position to help you with some of these things you’ve shared. Yes this is a virtual pet site but most of us on here are 18+ and on here pretty much exclusively for the forums and nostalgic purposes (or maybe I’m just speaking for myself XD) but while we can offer general advice and support I don’t know if anyone can or should be able to tackle or address a lot of these challenges and concerns you’ve been presenting (religion, dating older guys, etc). And if anyone here can offer help or support for these things – maybe even from experience – it may only be possible in the future once we’ve all gotten to know you better.

I hope this helps 💛 Best of luck and I wish you well going forward!


Thank you.