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I'm back but..


Ive been gone awhile, no computer, but nowi am back. Notice site quits. Lots of friends gone. Also I am curious about big changes in the past two years. Who are the Admin’s. Is it true Parrot Lady is gone? Is Dr. Ron still involved?

Anyone want to fill me in, I’d like to catch up.

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Mama Cat11 no Admins, no support and no new items in the mart for almost a year now. Most of us have gone free because of this. We were paying for nothing. It is so sad. I keep coming back to see if anything has changed but it hasn’t. If you are CF member check that and also user support forum for any info. Last I got this site is licensed until October that is all I have. As you know FP has gone through a lot of bad times and changes but always bounced back. Hoping it can do so again.

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I think the site will automatically renew in October.

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i hope so. Im having so much trouble. it keeps crashing on this computer. im going to figure out how to cancel my club and go back to just mobile i think. :( Im the same person as Mamacat11 above. I have two accounts.