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Is foopets mobile broken?


I use it every day to feed my pets since I don’t have club foo, but suddenly this morning when I tried to go on there I got a warning from Safari saying it’s not secure and could be trying to steal my financial info. I proceeded anyway, and it basically just took me to a version of the full site where I wasn’t logged in. It wasn’t mobile foo at all, it was just the same as normal but I was logged out.

Sooooo is this it then? Am I gonna lose my BB now? Because I have no other way of caring for my pets lol, I work and study full time so I hardly ever get chance to use my laptop.


I just checked it on my iPhone using safari and it worked, maybe turn your phone off and back on and see if that helps

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The part of the site that is secure is the bank part. Your financials are secure.