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I'm HORRIBLE at Naming


A few months ago I got a new parakeet, and I still haven’t named him. I’m the worst. I’ve just been calling him “Little guy” for over two months. I guess I keep thinking that if I commit to a name I’ll think of a better one the next day. He’s my fourth parakeet (I only have two currently). The first was named Mouse, a friend named her, the second was Monday, because I got him on a Monday, and the third is Monty, named after a crocodile at the Australia Zoo. I plan to deviate from the M theme because it seems to confuse a lot of people. I’m leaning towards a name that relates to his tendency to hang upside-down, or names that relate to where his species is native, Australia. My current list of options are:

Pip/Pippin (in reference to a genus of bat, Pipistrellus)
Cirque/Circus (as he’s quite the acrobat)
Bruce (Bruce Wayne, a.k.a. Batman)
Bosco (another crocodile at the Australia Zoo)

I would appreciate opinions on those names, or suggestions for other names!


Aw, I’m sorry about your gerbil. I guess that’s a good point, parakeets have a typical lifespan of 8+ years, so two months isn’t a big deal.

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I adore the name Pippin!!

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I looove Pippin, but only because it’s a good reference to Lord of the Rings ;)


Thanks for the feedback, I think I will go with Pippin. I like the Mr. Pippin idea, though I think I’ll just call him that when he’s in trouble, haha.