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let me just rant real quick


My insurance won’t cover contacts till I’m 21. I just turned 19 in July. The exam is $150ish and then whatever it is to buy the contacts. I do not have a job as I have a disability that keeps me from doing so.
I absolutely cannot stand wearing glasses. I was bullied heavily for how gross I looked in my glasses so wearing them makes me feel really crappy about myself. I have worn glasses in public maybe a handful of times since 5th grade as that’s when I started wearing contacts. I feel absolutely horrible and now I don’t know how I can afford contacts. I have been working on liking myself and now going into public with something I absolutely hate is going to push me back farther and feel gross.
This sucks. It really does.


Oof, I’m sorry :C

I hope that you’re somehow able to get them.
I hated wearing glasses. I should still be wearing them, but I always refused. Contacts are definitely expensive ;-;


Have you looked into pricing at Walmart or Target?
Costco and Sam’s Club look cheaper, but you would need a membership to purchase the contacts.