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yes, because money, do you know how many pets i could buy with that and keep them all safe and cozy lol. How much i could give to friends in trouble, donate to fundraisers close to my heart, visit you and my other best friends etc. I mean i could probably buy my own airplane or at the very least RV big enough for me and several friends to fit comfortably in.

The Halloween series is one of them. I love all the movies especially the newest one they released last year. I just love Micheal Myers and the theme song i wanna learn to play on guitar or piano.

I don’t like candy so I don’ have one i like handing out or to eat oops. How ever if i did have to pick it would be something cinnamon and or spicy/sour.

Serial Killer I had fake blood and everything to go with it. I even had a butter knife i dipped in fake blood and when a kid came up to get candy I lurched foward slightly and went ahh and the poor kid nearly bolted but his desire for candy kept his feet planted lol. I did give him extra candy for bein a good sport. I managed to scare my best friend at the same time then she yelled at me for scaring both her and the kid lmbo.

I have to say Vampires and werewolves/shapeshifters. But I dont like those stupid looking shapeshifters that stand on two feet. I prefer those like Jacob Black or Klaus Mickealson that stand on all four and look like actual wolves. Because wolves are my favorite animal ever and having some two legged wanna be upsets me and offends me greatly lol.

Vampires because they’re just always amazing and me and my other best friend joke around that shes one because she sleeps in a super dark room with no light other then her overhead etc. But no sunlight or natural light. She also hates garlic.