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Our house is infested with gnats because of rotten potatoes.


They’re all over the ceiling.. they’re e v e r y w h e r e. But we took out the potatoes—after realizing that was the problem after over a week. We’re going to bug bomb the house tomorrow and hopefully kill them all off.
While that goes on.. I’m gonna chill in the basement with the millipede cricket things. (Idk what they’re called but I just went down and saw nothing so they’re probably hiding in the walls lol.) the bugs in the basement aren’t as bad when you see upstairs.


Yikes, that sucks. I’ve had these stupid plant fungus gnats for AGES, I hate them. I keep spraying my plants to get rid of them, but they won’t die. I can’t use anything too harsh because I don’t want to kill my plants and I have birds, which have super sensitive respiratory systems.


why is it always POTATOES

the same thing happened to my house but …maybe worse hgfds

we live in socal in an older house with no ac, so like 80 outside is 90 inside etc. etc.
there was no smell really ((unless you opened a cabinet we never go into, but that was brushed off as like, oh its just Old Cabinet Smell)) but then we started finding tons and tons of flies everywhere in the house and we noticed they were kind of like, centered around this one cabinet door so we opened it and found a, nearly fully decomposed bag of potatoes. like it was a giant bag my roommate had been given MONTHS ago. MONTHS. the pure stagnant heat/humidity in the house just….really accelerated things

when they were cleaning it out they found LARVA in it!!!!!


Maybe worse? No.. no.. there’s hundreds.. on the ceiling.. like coating the edges of the fan too. Also my grandma said they were breeding in the potatoes lol. So there probably were larvae too. I’m about to nuke the whole house.. seriously. Like why? I just want to live my life. Why do these things exist? Why?


Two years ago, hundreds of ladybugs invaded our house. They bit us, and put that smelly sticky stuff all over us and the house. There was a swarm of ladybugs at the door, so we had to run through them Everytime we wanted to go outside. It was terrible.


This thread sounds like nightmare fuel lol

As soon as I see a fly I turn into a bug hunter and I stalk around the whole apartment looking for the source.

Found a whole live salamander under my bed a few weeks ago. No clue how that happened…

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that’s gnat good


My mom found a salamander in her room a few months ago and we still have no clue how it got in. She made me grab it and take it outside.

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I’d be okay finding a salamander. They’re not terribly dangerous. Gnats are gross and get in your eyes and nose. I hate them!!
Hopefully it gets resolved soon!