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literally when is this breeding issue going to be fixed


or should I just accept it’s not going to?? it’s been almost a year since I paired my pets together and now I have eight pets just sitting on my profile, unable to sell or move over to my side account. they were all just to breed for fun as well, I KNOW I’m not going to get anything profitable off them

is there seriously no way for a mod to trigger them for me? or even just cancel them? I’m at a loss. I love this site so much it’s my childhood. but this is just annoying how some can continue breeding like nothings wrong, and then there are people like me who have to deal with this and watch their pets just sitting there wasting away

maybe I sound dumb but if I’m not given the option to keep or give away/sell a pet, I tend to not care as much about them. it’s the choice to love something that makes you actually love it. not having the choice is starting to really upset me

yes I’ve tried canceling my cf, I am currently not paying for it anymore but still have it :/ no matter how many times I try to cancel it it doesn’t work

like?? is there even any hope for this site


I wish I had an answer to give but I do not. I am sorry.