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Me venting cuz i have no where else too..



So, uhh i’m going through really bad episode of depression…surprised i’m on here right now…uhhh, soo im gonna vent and sorry for like bad grammar im not really caring for that right now.

VENT- I feel worthless, i stopped cutting for a bit but im back on it again…only reason im going is cuz of twenty one pilots, sounds stupid but they make me feel like im worth it and stuff…i just feel so stupid. my grades are TERRIBLE and my mom knows NOTHING and she cant know ANYTHING, shes very toxic i just cant talk to her about anything. and my friends just make it worse besides people im friends with but they live like 30 minutes away from me i hang with them on weekends when im at my dads, and at my dads i just feel so safe and happy i dont know why..okay im gonna stop. bye <3

Stay alive ||-//


I’m sorry you are going through all this. It’s always good to get things off your chest. Why don’t you just live with your dad all the time if it makes you happier?


I can’t…He has 3 step kids in a 3 bedroom house plus 2 others who come over every weekend the boys share a room while the girl gets her own room i guess i could like share a room with her but like shes kinda like really nasty..and also my mom wouldn’t allow that.