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✨Blonde haired baby girl Alexandra Claesson ✨


Hi all, I’m back again with my cute Alexandra Claesson.

She’s wearing a pink unicorn jumper as you can see from the photo today.

I’m horrible at taking pictures of things so I took like 20 pictures to get the best shot.

Alexandra is such a common name that I didn’t want to actually name her that but I named her after my crush.

She’s a Swedish baby with a blonde hair.

I’m obsessed with blond haired babies! :)

When I come home from work, she greets me.



the unicorn jacket is super cute!! i love it. your doll is adorable :D happy halloween!


These things look so uncanny!

I feel so unsettled looking at her, but then again dolls kind of freak me out anyway, so maybe I don’t have room to talk lol.

I’m digging that outfit, though, it’s super cute. Love the unicorn.


dollboy, thank you. I know the unicorn jacket is awesome! Happy Halloween. Eat lots of sweets! :D


Juneau-, thank you and sorry for making you unsettled. That wasn’t my intention. I just wanted to share this adorable outfits with people.

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