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✨S.c.a.n.d.i.n.a.v.i.a.n ✨


Little Miss Alexandra Claesson is a Scandinavian baby. She’s wearing a flower crown hair wrap and on her toes she’s wearing a crochet bear socks

She’s can be found with her favourite plushie the rabbit :)

Look how serene she is, looking all glammed up.

Shhh….she’s in her dream land.

She wears newborn size clothes and she’s 20 inches tall.

It feels like bugs are going to get into her mouth because her mouth is open.

It seems like she’s dressed for the Swedish midsummer with a flower wrap hair band.

Oh how so sweet….

She’s wearing one piece dress to emphasize how much of a girly girl she truly is!

I wonder what she’s dreaming about…perhaps she’s dreaming about becoming a real infant to make her human mum a real mum?

Aren’t the ribbon in the back so cute?

She’s not a fussy baby, she doesn’t mind sleeping sitting down.

Until next time, see you again.
Toodle, pip xo