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I miss them


My three cats are indoor/outdoor pets. About six weeks ago, Johnny, my 13 pound orange neutered cat, disappeared. A week ago my white neutered cat disappeared. I only have Jimmy, black and white neutered cat, left. He is staying in a lot now. When he is outside, he has this mama bird tormenting him. He just ignores the bird but that bird is a dare devil. Maybe Johnny and Casper will come back yet.


Are they microchipped?


madnanny, I’m sorry to say they aren’t. I really believe that some critter bigger than them such as a coyote or wolf got them. Johnny would have come back by now if he had half a chance. Casper might still come back, he’s only been gone a week.


In the meantime, Get Jimmy microchipped and register the chip with your current contact information. I hope you find them.

Our late Mac went missing for a few days, and it turned out he was injured in another person’s yard. He called Animal Care & Control, who picked him up, fixed him up, and never scanned for his chip. We were in limbo for days not knowing if he was alive, when Chris went to AC&C again (after he was picked up and recuperating) and found Mac. He was angry! They made it policy to redouble their efforts to scan for chips upon acquisition.